237 Woodman Ave.


Introducing the Woodman Ave Hinojos Project: A Remarkable Transformation

At 237 Woodman Ave, witness the extraordinary journey of a humble house that was lifted and relocated from Spartanburg to Woodruff. This project was born from a vision to breathe new life into a single-story, three-bedroom, one-bath home and convert it into a spacious haven for a growing family of 8.

Our team embarked on a bold mission to revamp this residence, and the results are nothing short of stunning. We removed the entire roof, setting the stage for the remarkable transformation that followed. With determination and craftsmanship, we built a second story, adding four more bedrooms and three additional bathrooms, turning this house into a seven-bedroom, four-bathroom masterpiece.

This renovation isn’t just about brick and mortar; it’s a story of family, growth, and the power of a well-executed vision. The Woodman Ave Hinojos Project is a testament to what’s possible when creativity, skill, and dedication come together.

Explore the images, watch the transformation unfold, and discover the magic that took place at 237 Woodman Ave. Witness the before and after, and let this project inspire your own dreams of home renovation. Welcome to a space where a house became a home, and a family’s future was reimagined.


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